PAC Log Palmetto Tree Vertical launching
Rocket People Needed!


Veterans preferred, submariners especially!

We're building a rocket to reach space. We want a DIY self starter to assist in all areas of building liquid fuel rockets. From putting them together and testing them, to cleaning up the pieces. All under direction and supervision of the design engineer.

Familiarity with Rocket Propulsion Elements is a plus. Passion to build rockets is a MUST!

As with firearms, strict attention to the rules is an absolute necessity. No slackness is tolerated!

Useful skills, experience include:
  • Hobby, School or Military experience with rockets, aviation and electronics
  • Mechanical, Electrical aptitude
  • Fabrication: nuts and bolts, welding, lathe and mill operation (CNC and manual)
  • Electronic design and assembly, Amateur radio, microprocessors
  • Software: Solidworks, MATLAB, Visual Studio C#, FEA, image rendering, IMU etc.
  • Small shop. You'll be expected to learn and do everything.
    And you'll have the opportunity to do so.
    If you feel the challenge, you're right for us!
    We don't want you to fail, we expect you to grow with us.

    Full time salaried position, starting at $30,000. Part time, $15/hour.
    Full time includes: health insurance (after 3 months) paid vacation (after 1 year).
    Flexible work schedules and time off when needed.
    Must be local resident, or willing to move (no assistance provided).

    Starting salary, commensurate with value based on relevant experience and abilities, including the ability to take the initiative and get things done!

    Palmetto Space Corporation - Equal Opportunity Employer

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