Transportation to Space

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OBJECTIVE:   To profit by launching customer payloads into space on suborbital, orbital or escape trajectories.   We want to make launching a lot less expensive than it is now so many more schools, companies, and individuals can participate and benefit from space operations.

HOW:   We propose to launch expendable rocket vehicles of our design and manufacture into space from the sea off the coast of South Carolina.   We will do so in a prudent manner that protects the environment and everyone's safety and interests, and complies with all laws and regulations.   We plan to launch on a regular, routine, commercial basis

U.S. POLICY GOAL:   Our objectives are in concert with stated U.S. policy goals.   The President authorized a new national space policy on August 31, 2006 and this policy has been re-affirmed by the current administration. It states, in part:

"The United States is committed to encouraging and facilitating a growing and entrepreneurial U.S. commercial space sector." Source:

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